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Monday, July 07, 2008

Molinari says GOP likely to lose this seat

When your own former Congressional representatives say you are likely to lose this seat, things are not looking up;

In yet another sign of the disarray gripping GOP ranks, a top Republican in New York is now flatly stating that the party is such a mess that they are very likely to lose a key House seat in the state.


Molinari said that the Democrats have quickly rallied around Michael McMahon, a New York City Councilor, and conceded that McMahon is in a strong position to win. "I wouldn't jump to that conclusion yet, but I would say this," Molinari said. "Based on the candidates that have surfaced so far, yes, we're going to lose the seat."

Molinari goes on to add that Paul Atanasio may be the likely Republican nominee, though he would not have the full party support.

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