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Monday, July 07, 2008

DCCC's primary involvement

via The Hill;

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has in recent weeks injected itself into almost all of the major primaries remaining despite pledging previously to abstain.

DCCC officials have often said that they would try to avoid mixing in primaries as a general principle, but that they reserved the right to do so under “extraordinary circumstances.”

As the cycle wages on and Republicans appear more vulnerable this November, those extraordinary circumstances have become the norm.

For all of you Harrison supporters you are not alone;

In fact, five of the six races feature a Democratic candidate from the 2006 general election, and none of them were chosen by the committee. Most of these candidates are poorly funded but could pack significant name recognition on primary day.

We will soon see if the poorly funded meme holds true, but regardless that last sentence will be the measure of all things.

note: The article has no comment feature and I can not find contact information for the author, Aaron Blake, but want to correct one of his statements. He says that "Powers and McMahon have both earned the unanimous endorsements of the county parties in their races." McMahon carried the county endorsement vote, but it was not unanimous, 131-40.

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