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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Challenger Strategy, Part II

MyDD in conjnction with the Courage Campaign released some interesting poll results and strategy for Democratic Congressional challengers last week. I coverd suggestions 1 and 2 already and now present the third and fourth of six suggestions;

3. Republicans cannot run against Bush and Iraq. Voters do not think that Republicans are willing to hold Bush or other administration figures accountable for those mistakes, so Republican Congressional dissent on the war is unlikely to help Republicans. But dissent will, in fact, work to Democratic candidates' advantage. It shows strength and, most importantly, principle and personal values.

4. `Terrorism' scares only work in the absence of strong accountability messaging, since Republicans are no longer trustworthy on issues of war and peace. Voters know Republicans will let mistakes slide and they want accountability in the face of that.

“Despite their claim to be strong on national defense, Vito Fossella and the Republicans continue to pursue policies that dramatically and demonstrably weaken us in the eyes of the world. They talk a good game but they do not produce when it counts.” Stephen Harrison (D).

Steve Harrison opposes the Bush tax cuts, as clear and present threats to our national security and our international standing.

The Bush administration’s irresponsible fiscal policy, supported by Congressman Fossella, has left us with huge debt and no funds to increase America’s defense forces to the size needed for multiple theatre combat. via Stephen Harrion's Military Forces issue page.


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