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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fossella ducking debates with Harrison

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It has now been four days since Stephen Harrison's (D) campaign had to go to Rep. Vito Fossella's campaign headquarters and hold a press conference to force him to agree to a debate. This after Fossella didn't respond to his original request for 20 days. But for an incumbent who stalls for 20 days by saying he never recieved the letter asking for the debates clearly he won't be making this easy. Fossella's campaign is now in the third day of agreeing in theory to debate but turning down most if not all of the 8 potential dates offered by Harrison.

This week, we took matters into our own hands, and went to Fossella’s campaign office to personally deliver the challenge. Trapped in front of news cameras, Fossella’s campaign manager had no choice but to agree to debate. Of course, Fossella has already started to make excuses about scheduling problems, and you can be sure he’ll do everything he can to avoid appearing before the people of our district.

Rep. Fossella why don't you think the residents of the thirteenth district deserve a debate? Summer isn't good skiing weather, so why not stop making excuses and stand up for your record by debating Stephen Harrison (D)?


At 8:46 PM, Blogger BlueMarc said...

We have to start getting on the media's case to cover this race. I hope all your readers will start calling NY1 and writing to the papers. Thanks again for the great coverage.

Blue Spot


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