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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Harrison on school construction funding

SI Advance

"We need to do a lot more and we can do a lot more," Harrison said at a news conference outside PS 13 in Rosebank. "As more and more houses are built, we need to make sure more schools are built as well. And within these schools, we need to have smaller class sizes. We need to increase funding for our children's education, not take it away from them."


Emil Pietromonaco, Staten Island representative to the United Federation of Teachers, pledged the organization's strong support for Harrison.

"What we need in Congress is someone who can be a voice for our children, and that's what Steve is," he said. "Not only will he be a good voice for our children, but for the UFT, for the parents, for the supervisors in the school. This is the person we need to be our congressman."

If we can build fire houses, hospitals and schools in Iraq, why is does it take a press conference to suggest something so radical as building and improving those same facilities here in our own neighborhoods that benefit us and our neighbors?

Rep. Vito Fossella also received a failing grade from the National Education Association based on his performance in enhancing education.

Steve on Education; Steve Harrison believes that the “No Child Left Behind” policy does not fulfill its intended mission since it is underfunded. He fully supports the decision in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case that forces Albany to obey court mandates give New York City schools an equitable share of tax revenue.

“The Governor’s failure to release the mandated funds is both illegal and unconscionable,” says Steve.