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Saturday, July 12, 2008

DCCC to spend $1.3 million on ad buy

Real Clear Politics breaks down a leaked document showing where the DCCC is going to be reserving ad time. As part of a $34.5 ad expenditure they have indicated they will spend $1.3 million of that in the NY13 market.

Still, these numbers can change over the coming months. Reserving time is not the same thing as buying time, and, should Democrats decide one race is easily won or already lost, the party can shift resources to other districts. Having reserved time only ensures the DCCC can spend money before commercial advertisers and other political candidates buy the time remaining, driving prices up.

This is one of the big reasons we see no top tier Republican candidate in this race. The DCCC has flexed their muscles and scared off most candidates without actually having to spend any money. Who really would want to go up against this;

Democrats enjoy a huge financial advantage over Republicans. Through the end of May, the DCCC held $47.1 million in cash reserves, while the National Republican Congressional Committee had just $6.65 million in the bank. That disparity will play a huge role in November, and Democrats are already laying the foundation with the first round of major ad buys.



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