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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dan Donovan won't run

This is excruciatingly painful news for the Republican Party in Staten Island. Donovan as the District Attorney offered the clearest counter to Fossella's ethical and legal improprieties. He was courted by Minority Leader Rep. Boehner and NRCC Chair Rep. Cole well before Fossella declared he wasn't running. He had the clear support of the national party, just no promises to any financial help.

"I feel that at this time, I am best able to serve the people of Staten Island in the position to which they re-elected me by such an overwhelming margin just six months ago, as their District Attorney. Therefore, I am now removing my name for consideration for a candidacy for Congress."

Donovan was the only candidate the Republican party had that ran a successful borough wide race. The only legitimate back up choice now is State Senate Andrew Lanza, childhood friend of Fossella who has to pick between a senate seat where he soon will be in the minority or a congressional race he is not assured to win where he also will be in the minority. Before the Donovan announcement is appeared that Lanza was setting himself up for a graceful withdraw from Congressional speculation with comments like these;

"It's the so-called prize, but at what price?"

Lanza said the state Legislature's six-month session and generally shorter workweek also allow him to devote time to both public service and his family.

"I'm still away too much, but I've been able to strike a little bit of a balance."

The pressure certainly has to be intense now as his state party will be demanding he not give up his Senate Seat and the National party trying to throw anything they have at him to entice him to give it all up for what appears to be a gamble. Cusick or McMahon will now be all in as aggressively as they can be. This seat just inched closer towards leaning Democratic.

Consider this a massive loss for the NRCC, one in a long long line of them this cycle. Or if you are a Republican think of it as a strategic part of your Regain Our Majority Program. First you added an incumbent to that program, and he got arrested. Then you have a successor to hold the seat, not gain a seat, and he declines. Now you will offer up a third tier candidate to carry the party's banner.

If you can't see how this is not all part of their plan to "regain" their majority you must be blind.

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