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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sen. Lanza about to withdraw as well?

It appears as though Sen. Andrew Lanza is preparing for an exit from this race, following on the sudden exit by Dan Donovan.

via the NY Times;

Speculation centered on State Senator Andrew J. Lanza. But officials close to the senator said he was not inclined to run. Mr. Lanza is under intense pressure from Republican leaders in Albany to remain where he is. If he decides to run for Congress, Mr. Lanza would have to leave the Senate at a time when the Democrats need to capture just two seats to take control of the Senate for the first time in 40 years.

His withdraw may have little to do with Donovan's decision as it may have been in the works for a few days already. As we covered earlier recent comments appearing the Advance indicate that ironically family values may keep him from replacing Fossella his childhood friend;

"It's the so-called prize, but at what price?" Lanza (R-Staten Island) asked the Advance yesterday.


Lanza said the state Legislature's six-month session and generally shorter workweek also allow him to devote time to both public service and his family.


"I'm still away too much, but I've been able to strike a little bit of a balance."

We have seen the family dilemma not play itself out as expected with Mike McMahon, so we may see a similar response with Lanza. The decision is really a catch-22. Stay in the Senate and the party is forced to put up a third tier candidate for the Congressional race. Run for the Congressional seat and he is forced to give up his Senate seat which could cause the Senate to flip to the Democrats. The Senate is the lowest risk and allows him to be the leading contender for this Congressional race down the line in a more pro-Republican environment.



At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Staten Islanders are NEVER going to elect a democrat to Andy's seat. He's the best choice against McMahon. He can go after him on the property tax hikes since Andy's been focused on reducing them since he's been in Albany. He should run!

At 10:29 AM, Blogger TC said...

If McMahon (my NYC Councilman) runs, I believe he waltzes into Congress as the new Representative of CD-13. (though some members of his team still think getting elected Borough BP is a better bet... which makes no sense.)

And Lanza realizes that his association with Vito will doom him. And your previous post about Donovan versus the SI Conservatives? No way, no how, BP James Molinaro would have allowed him that place on the ballot.

Guy Molinari's "Guy's Gang" just fell in the sewer and got flushed.

The latest name on the radar, Fiala, only earned his City Council seat because Vito traded up when Suzie stepped down. He immediately bailed out and into that County Clerk position... he is a NON-option.

And "anonymous" who states "Staten Islanders are NEVER going to elect a democrat to Andy's seat."

You know nothing about my Island, even if you are one of the Brooklyn refugees living here. "Reagan Democrats" are the driving force out here. You fail to remember exactly HOW Guy Molinari got elected to Congress and put that seat in GOP hands.

"Traveling Jack" got caught with his hand in the ABSCAM cookie jar. It wasn't that Staten Island suddenly lurched rightward; it was that Staten Island was pissed off that their Representative had used his position to act like "the law doesn't apply to me."

Vito just did a "second verse, same as the first."


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