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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pre-primary FEC filings

Here is where we stand with pre-primary filings (July 1 - August 20). Raised is money raised over that six week period, spent is money spent in that time period, CoH is cash on hand they still have and total raised is how much they have raised during the entire cycle;

McMahon (D)
raised - $218,000
spent - $276,000
CoH - $413,000
total raised - $717,000

Harrison (D)
raised - $17,000
spent - $35,000
CoH - $45,000
total raised - $201,000

Straniere (R)
raised - $15,000
spent - $3,000
CoH - $12,000
raised total - $15,000

Wyne (R)
raised - $9,000
spent - $98,000
CoH - $203,000
raised total - $9,000

* McMahon is running away with his fundraising numbers, outraising Harrison, Straniere and Wyne combined many times over.
* The Democratic candidates both outraised each Republican candidate
* Straniere who is the odds on favorite to win his primary is sitting on only $12,000, and he will spend much of that between now and September 9 leaving him almost completely broke to go into the general election should he win.
* Wyne loaned himself $290,000

h/t to Swing State Project

update: cash on hand numbers have been updated in the right column

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Swing State Project upgrades race to Likely Democratic

via Swing State Project;

NY-13 (Open): Lean Democratic to Likely Democratic

It's hard to believe, but the GOP's chances of retaining this Staten Island-based district get worse and worse by the week. The only real candidate that the GOP could find, former state Assemblyman Robert Straniere, is both hated and unloved. And it shows in his fundraising, with only a paltry $15,000 raised for his campaign so far. Furthermore, his primary against physician Jamshad Wyne has taken a turn for the ugly and racist. The cherry on top? Straniere admits that he can't even vote for himself in the primary, as he lives in Manhattan -- very much a game killer in the parochial nature of Staten Island politics. Meanwhile, Democrat Mike McMahon continues to steamroll in fundraising.

Swing State Project had been the most conservative of the four rankings I am following, and with good reason. Now they join the other three in having this race as Likely Democratic/Democrat Favored.

update: rankings have been updated in the right column


Harrison files $16,659 in six weeks

From July 1 to August 20 Harrison has raised nearly $17,000 for this pre-primary filing. He had nearly $35,000 in expenditures and is currently sitting on $45,000 in cash on hand to close out this primary period.

McMahon has filed $218,000.

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Staten Island Advance Endorses McMahon as Clear Choice in Democratic Primary for Congress

via campaign email;

SI Advance Cites McMahon’s Record of Accomplishment, History of Reaching Across the Aisle to Achieve Results in Today’s Endorsement for the Democratic Primary for the 13th CD

August 31, 2008 – Michael McMahon's congressional campaign today won the coveted endorsement of the hometown Staten Island Advance in the Democratic Primary for the 13th Congressional District. The Advance lauded McMahon’s “experience, leadership and documented achievements”, his “deep commitment to the borough he lives in and serves” on the City Council, and his centrist values, citing his ability to work in a bipartisan manner to achieve results.

note: the email includes the endorsement article in full which I can not repost in full here. To read the article go here.

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Conversation with Harrison at Central Family Life Center, Tuesday

Conversations with US Congressional candidate
Steve Harrison
Tuesday September 2, 2008
Central Family Life Center
59 Wright Street [Google Map]

Doors open at 6pm
Discussion begins promptly at 7pm

For more information please contact CFLC @ 718-273-8414

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Democratic Congressional candidates Steve Harrison and Michael McMahon finally debate

via campaign email;

NY 13 Congressional District (Staten Island/Southwest Brooklyn) Democratic candidates Steve Harrison and Councilman Michael McMahon, who face each other in the Tuesday, September 9 primary for the seat currently occupied by scandal ridden retiring Republican Vito Fossella, finally square off in debates and joint TV appearances. However, none of these debates will be available for public scrutiny until Labor Day weekend when many are on vacation.

Harrison invited McMahon to debate in June and McMahon after initially not responding, eventually told the media he would accept the invitation.

Harrison, who in 2006 against Fossella, received a higher percentage of the vote than any Democrat ever under the district’s current configuration, debates McMahon on Cable network NY1’s Inside City Hall 7 PM Friday August 29 and repeated at 10 PM the same evening, both airing when many potential voters are vacationing or celebrating Labor Day weekend locally. McMahon chose this date. Time Warner cable will also make the debate available on its Staten Island on demand channel.

In another Labor Day weekend event, on Sunday August 31 at 11 AM, WABC TV’s UpClose will feature both candidates together in what is being billed as more of a joint appearance than a formal debate. WABC will make the appearance available on their website, 7online.com, after the segment airs.

Instead of separate endorsement interviews with Harrison and McMahon, Weekly Newspaper, The Brooklyn Paper, invited them both to a joint interview conducted in debate format. Audio from the endorsement interview will eventually be posted on their website, Brooklynpaper.com, but because of the date McMahon chose for the interview, it won’t become public until Labor Day weekend.

For more information visit HarrisonforCongress.com

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McMahon files commanding $218,373 in six weeks

via campaign email;

August 29, 2008 – Michael McMahon announced today that he raised a remarkable $218,373 in just the last six weeks of his campaign for New York's 13th Congressional District. The latest filing brings McMahon’s total fundraising to $716,547, and leaves him with $413,062 on hand. The $218,373 total was raised from 314 different individual donors.

By comparison, McMahon’s primary opponent Steve Harrison raised only $16,659.80 in the pre-primary period, and Republican candidates Robert Straniere and Jim Wyne raised only $14,968.50 and $8,885 respectively.

“This unprecedented outpouring of support proves that Mike McMahon has the record of accomplishment and plan for change that Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites are looking for in their next representative. With the continued support of the district, Mike will bring the fight for increased transportation funding, improved health care, a stronger economy, support for our troops and better schools all the way to Washington,” said McMahon spokesperson Erin Monju.

The impressive fundraising total is another sign of the of the McMahon campaign’s momentum. In the past month, McMahon has picked up key labor endorsements from the New York State AFL–CIO, the United Federation of Teachers, 1199 SEIU Healthcare East, UFCW, RWDSU, UNITE HERE, CWA, CSA, CSEA, the Hotel and Motel Trades Council, the New York League of Conservation Voters, the Public Employees Federation and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. McMahon has also received endorsements from elected leaders including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, former Mayor Ed Koch, and members of the New York City Congressional Delegation.

Last week, the New York Times endorsed McMahon in the Democratic Primary, citing his “record of accomplishment,” “broad appeal” and “impressive job representing Staten Island on the City Council,” saying he’d be a “valuable advocate” in Washington.

Last month McMahon earned a spot on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's vaunted "Red to Blue" program, signaling that the campaign is a top national priority for the Democratic Party. He was the only candidate from downstate New York included in the program. The "Red to Blue" program was a proven success in the 2006 cycle, raising nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns. It highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country and offers them financial, communications and strategic support.

The Democratic Primary will be on September 9th, and the General Election will be held on November 4th.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bob from Manhattan on hypocrisy

via the New York Times here is Bob from Manhattan talking about his Republican opponent Jamshad Wyne;

He added: “What he’s trying to do is avoid the issues because he doesn’t understand any of the issues. He doesn’t want to discuss his lack of experience. And he certainly doesn’t want to deal with the ethically challenged facts about his medical practice.”

This from a candidate who removed issue pages from his website and has zero policy suggestions. This from a candidate who his own party claim is ethically challenged.

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More Bob from Manhattan

via the Village Voice;

The Advance also reports that Straniere has "acknowledged that he will not be eligible to vote for himself in the primary because he is not a resident of the 13th Congressional District."


Republicans are the ones divided, Democrats ready to retake seat

While 'news' stories try to claim the Democrats are divided because we actually have two legitimate candidates with enthusiastic supporters the reality is the Republican Party is fractured and just a shell of what they were merely months ago. Swing State Project beats me to some recent news on Straniere/Wyne attacks, from the Village Voice;

According to the Advance, Straniere has accused Wyne, formerly and professional known as Jamshad Wyne, of "trying to hide his Pakistani and Muslim heritage by 'changing his name'" for this race to Jim -- a provocative claim in the culturally conservative borough. He also called Wyne, whom the state Health Department had put on probation for professional misconduct in 2003, "ethically challenged."

Wyne accuses Straniere of trying to solicit from him an "illegal" contribution to Straniere's 2001 Beep race -- a crime for which "two politicians, one running for Queens borough president and the other for public advocate, were jailed" previously, the Advance says.

Meanwhile the Democrats are debating issues like Iraq and health care. We can also see how the debate will look after September 9th. The Democratic candidate will talk about bringing our troops home and the Republican will rely on asking voters to just vote Republican 'because.' The good news is the media can only push this fake Democrats divided story for about another week, then the focus will turn to how pathetic the Republican nominee is on real issues.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Primaries and the DCCC

In another case of anything can happen in a primary, last night a Democratic candidate for Florida's Tenth Congressional District who was placed on the DCCC's emerging races list lost to his primary opponent. While the emerging list is not an endorsement by the DCCC it is a signal that those candidates could perform well and move up to the Red to Blue endorsement. This is not any speculation about what will happen here, simply another example on the influence or lack thereof of the DCCC in primaries. There were multiple candidates in the FL-9 race, whereas in NY-13 there will just be two in a head to head race. Certainly having the DCCC on your side is a strong benefit but it does not guarantee anything.

see also The primary, the DCCC and history lessons


Obama vs. McCain and the down ballot impact with voters

Bob from Manhattan has come out with a statement thanking Obama for choosing Biden and in his opinion essentially handing McCain and Bob himself victory in NY-13, don't laugh;

Straniere yesterday issued a press release, thanking Obama for picking Biden as his vice presidential running mate.

I for one welcome an Obama vs. McCain race in the thirteenth and can't wait to see Bob lose horribly, that is if he even gets past his own primary he seems to over confidently think he has already won. Across the internet Politico interviewed Rep. Van Hollen, chairman of the DCCC, about the effects of having Obama and Biden atop the ticket this November;

“The majority of our candidates would be very happy to identify with Senator Obama,” the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee told Politico. “If you look at the Obama economic agenda, it’s one that lines up very well with the agendas of our candidates.”

The Maryland congressman added that the presence of Joe Biden on the ticket as the vice presidential nominee will help down-ballot Democratic candidates in blue-collar parts of the country...


But Van Hollen expressed some concerns that, despite the increased Democratic turnout expected on behalf of Obama, first-time voters may bypass the congressional races lower on the ballot.

“We need to make sure they don’t go in and vote Obama-Biden and hit the exits,” Van Hollen said. “That’s easier said than done, because there’s always some falloff on the ballot.”

The down ticket attrition rates have been horrible for Democrats in the past, as I have covered in my very first post. It is great to see that they are addressing this and believe the support to the Obama/Biden ticket will drive many new voters out and increase the likely votes for the next race down the ticket, this Congressional race. The impact in terms of new Democratic voters on the north shore alone should be significant.

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Rep. Hall (NY-19) on electing a Democrat in NY-13

John Hall, a Democrat who flipped a Republican seat in a very tight race in 2006 shares his thoughts on how Staten Island will benefit from a Democratic member or Congress;

"It would be big," said Hall, who added that he never takes sides in primaries. "I think the people of the district will be well served. And I think it'll help Staten Island to have somebody who's in the majority, and could possibly have a [subcommittee] chairmanship."

Hall pointed out that he was one of three congressional freshman chosen to head a veterans subcommittee after the 2006 "blue wave."

"The reason I got this chairmanship as a freshman, which is almost unheard of, is because the Democrats won so many seats that all of our senior Democrats already had chairmanships," he said. "If Staten Island elects a Democrat, they're going to wind up with more power in the House of Representatives, because they'll be in the majority and they may even have a position of chair or vice-chair a committee."


Hot Candidate

(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

Following up on the endorsement by Democrats.com, ActBlue now has Steve Harrison in the Top 5 Candidates and Committees.

Our fundraising has picked up steam and many people are investing in a candidate who will get our economy back on track, brings our troops home, and achieve energy independence through safe and natural resources (not offshore drilling or nuclear plants!).

The only way we can win is with your help - contribute now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NYTimes on Fossella's court date delay

So Fossella is fighting his DWI instead of helping pass legislation to support the troops, nothing new. New York Times is running an article on the most recent court delay and more stall tactics from Fossella.

Barry J. Pollack, Mr. Fossella’s lawyer, said he had numerous questions regarding the reliability of the breath analysis machine, made by CMI Inc. of Owensboro, Ky.

He said he had issued a subpoena to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science to get materials related to the machine that was used for Mr. Fossella. The state has responded in part, but Mr. Pollack said more information was needed.

The Times nicely points out what may be a bigger issue for Fossella. He failed breath analysis tests on two different machines. Both times he was well over the legal limit.

At the time of Mr. Fossella’s arrest, law enforcement officials said he had been tested on two different breath analysis machines, which produced different readings.

The arrest report said Mr. Fossella failed several sobriety tests on the street, including a preliminary breath test on which he registered a blood alcohol level of 0.133 percent. After he was arrested, he recorded a level of 0.17 percent on another machine. The legal limit in Virginia, as in most states, is 0.08 percent.

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Wyne has four issue pages, Bob from Manhattan none

Congrats to Jim (Jamshad) Wyne on actually having issue pages on his campaign website and not just a sentence. Wyne has policy pages on

- Seniors
- Economics
- Taxes
- Energy

Not great, but immensely better than what Bob Straniere has been able to pull together. By comparison Harrison has 23 issue pages and McMahon has 9 issue pages.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats.com endorses Harrison

Democrats.com, (not the Democratic Party) an online organization of Democratic activists has endorsed Harrison. The group is best known for their large email list which can drive money and support to candidates across the country. They had this to say in their endorsement email;

Steve Harrison is an "aggressive progressive" who supports all the issues we care about: immediate withdrawal from Iraq, no war with Iran, single-payer health care, stopping global warming, and protecting abortion rights.

Harrison is endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy for NYC, Down With Tyranny, Stonewall Democrats, the National Organization for Women, and Gloria Steinem. Harrison earned the right to be the Democratic candidate in his 2006 campaign, when he won 43% against Republican incumbent Vito Fossella, the best showing ever for a Democrat in the district.

They are pushing to raise $16,000 for Harrison, not an unrealistic feat after they raised $25,000 through email asks for another Democratic candidate running for Congress in Georgia earlier in the summer. At this point the money will be useful for get out the vote efforts in the final two weeks of this primary campaign.

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CQPolitics list NY-13 as top 5 most likely to flip

via CQ;

here is the update on the five House races CQ Politics rates as most vulnerable to takeover by the challenging party. As was the case when we first published this feature in July, the Top 5 all are Democratic bids to take over Republican-held seats, a reflection of the party’s continued momentum in congressional politics that began with the 2006 campaigns that boosted it into majorities in both the Senate and House.

• New York’s 13th District, in which Republican Rep. Vito J. Fossella was forced to quit his re-election bid after admitting he had a daughter from an ongoing extramarital affair. After their original replacement candidate died suddenly of a heart attack, Republican officials in the New York City borough of Staten Island — home to about three-quarters of the district’s voters — handed their endorsement to Robert Straniere, a former state representative, but they did so over protests from GOP officials in the Brooklyn part of the district. Democratic officials are continuing to bank on their favored candidate, City Councilman Mike McMahon, to win his Sept. 9 primary. CQ Politics rates this race Democrat Favored.

see also: NY-13 now 3rd most likely seat to flip

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

NY-13 now 3rd most likely seat to flip

Back on July 27th Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post had this seat pegged as the 7th most likely to flip to Democratic control. That was a jump up previously from the #10 spot. A month later this seat has now climbed his list and is currently sitting at the third most likely Congressional seat to flip for either party. In another month with his next update I wouldn't be surprised to see this climbing once again after the primaries are both sides are settled.

3. New York's 13th district (R): New York City Councilman Mike McMahon looks certain to roll in next month's Democratic primary even as Republicans still seem divided about their candidate -- former Assemblyman Robert Straniere. And, did we mention that the current Republican incumbent was chased from office due to an infidelity scandal? (Previous ranking: 7)

And more good news, Dan Maffei from upsate, NY-25 is holding the number 1 spot. Republicans are about to become extinct in New York.

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Fossella's DWI case postponed again

Vito Fossella is still refusing to take responsibility for his drunk driving and his lawyers have had his court case pushed back from this week to October. Despite failing three field sobriety and breathalyzer tests, Fossella is fighting his arrest and claiming error on the part of the breathalyzer machines and maintenance. Records of those machines are at the front of his cases postponement;

Rep. Vito Fossella's DWI trial in Alexandria, Va., has been postponed a second time, because his attorney claimed the state agency that overseas breathalyzer tests did not provide the defense with sufficient documents to precede with their case.

Of course this has little significance other than delaying his case and possibly forcing a humiliating early retirement had he been found gulty before the end of his term. A conviction now or in October will still be an appropriate ending to Fossella's fiasco.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't be hoodwinked

(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

Today the Staten Island Advance came out with an editorial regarding endorsements:

And, if they succeed in getting the backing of the Amalgamated Widget Workers or the Friends of Ferns League, the pols trumpet those endorsements triumphantly, as if they've practically clinched the election.

First person I think of is Mike McMahon. When he first jumped into the race, before talking to constituents and discussing with them his positions on the issues, he lined himself up with the machine and has held those wield endorsements in higher regard than those he wishes to represent in Congress. Voters are not to be taken for granted.

About the National Organization for Women endorsing Harrison:

The rationale is somewhat puzzling because Mr. McMahon has supported abortion rights, even though he has run with the backing of the Conservative Party in his past successful campaigns for the North Shore Council seat.

WHAT?! It is a proven fact that McMahon voted for restrictions on what a woman can do with her own body.

The Advance, as usual, is the one that is puzzled but to their credit - they do have one fact correct - McMahon has had the backing of the Conservative Party.

That aside, Mr. Harrison has positioned himself as the progressive candidate in the Democratic primary race, and that probably suited NOW's agenda.

Harrison hasn't "positioned himself" as anything. Harrison IS the progressive candidate as opposed to McMahon, the conservative candidate.

And if the Advance wants to talk about suiting agendas - ask them why they are tripping over themselves in haste to defend a candidate who voted against Staten Island interests by voting for Congestion Pricing. It was the Advance themselves who reported that 74% of Staten Islanders were against it. Harrison was against Congestion Pricing. Why was McMahon for it?

I respectfully suggest to McMahon that he toss away the aura of entitlement he carries and bring his nose down from the air. That way, he can see eye to eye with the people and explain to them why he's for Congestion Pricing and explain to them why he's for offshore drilling and explain to them how he'd rather not have our troops come home.

At the conclusion of this election, a Democrat will represent NY-13.

The only question is: what kind of Democrat do you want?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Challenge: Find Bob from Manhattan's issue pages

Nearly a week later and Bob from Manhattan still has no issue or policy statements on his website. While Bob's IAVA support is commendable I wonder where the plan to support the troops and bring them home is? Or where are his thoughts on returning our national guard members to their families and jobs? Or where are this thoughts on granting our troops leave time equal to their time served overseas? One idea is usually not enough to run a campaign on but then again the bar is set rather low this year for the Republican side.

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McMahon's statement on SUSA polling

from McMahon's press release;

All the momentum in New York’s 13th Congressional District Democratic primary is with Michael McMahon, as the new SurveyUSA Poll has McMahon leading Steve Harrison by a margin of 64-18 with just twenty days to go until the September 9th primary. The poll follows this week’s New York Times endorsement of McMahon for his “record of accomplishment”, saying he would be a “valuable advocate” in Washington.

“The bottom line of this poll is that voters trust Michael McMahon to bring real change and results for the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn,” said McMahon spokeswoman Erin Monju. “From lower gas prices and a stronger economy to easier access to health care, Michael McMahon promises to bring the fight for middle class New Yorkers all the way to Congress, and this poll proves he’s well on his way.”

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SUSA polls the democratic primary, McMahon leads

Swing State Project brings us the news;

SurveyUSA (8/18-19, registered Dem voters):

Mike McMahon (D): 64
Steve Harrison (D): 18
Undecided: 18
(MoE: ±4.3%)

As noted this is a poll of registered voters, not likely voters who will turn out for a September primary where very little else is on the ballot.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The National Organization for Women (NOW) endorses Steve Harrison for Congress

via campaign email;

Feminists pick Harrison over Michael McMahon in NY 13th Congressional District in Tues., Sept. 9 Democratic Primary

August 20 Press Conference

(Staten Island/Brooklyn) -- The National Organization for Women (NOW) will announce its formal endorsement of Steve Harrison as the strongest supporter of women’s rights in the race for New York’s 13th Congressional District (Staten Island/Southwest Brooklyn) Democratic nomination in a 2:00 PM Wednesday Aug. 20 press conference at the Staten Island Hotel, 1415 Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY.

Harrison is running against New York City Councilman Michael McMahon in the Democratic Primary which will be held Tues., Sept. 9.

"NOW PAC is pleased to endorse Steve Harrison for the U.S. House of Representatives from New York," said NOW Political Action Committee Chair Kim Gandy. "We look forward to voters in Staten Island and Brooklyn sending a strong supporter of women's rights to Washington. Steve has the values we need to improve the lives of women and families in this country."

The Brooklyn Queens NOW Political Action Committee (BQ NOW PAC) recommended that the Washington-based organization headed by Gandy endorse Harrison. With a member-base of over 500,000 NOW is the largest organization of feminists in the country.

“We were impressed with Steve Harrison’s grasp of and support of our core issues: constitutional equality for women, reproductive rights, equal economic opportunity, stopping violence against women and ending gender and sexual orientation discrimination,” said Shirley Ranz, the chair of the local NOW PAC.

BQ-NOW Vice President Rachelle Suissa added, “If given the opportunity, Steve will definitely be the candidate who holds true to the values of women and minorities and who works to uphold civil rights and liberties each and every day. His ideology, experience, and candor all speak for themselves when it comes to these issues.”

McMahon’s record opposing abortion and his lukewarm support of other gender issues in general while a member of the New York City Council was also a factor in the endorsement, NOW officials said.

“McMahon is a political conservative who opposed choice when his vote counted in NYC Council,” noted BQ NOW Secretary Sherry Rogers. “We cannot support someone who waivers in his support of our issues to placate his RTL constituency. They have the Republicans for that. Who will speak for women; Steve Harrison!”

Harrison said he won’t let women of the 13th district down. “I am honored to receive this endorsement. In Congress I will fight for reproductive rights and to end gender discrimination,” Harrison said.

In 2006 against Republican incumbent Vito Fossella, Harrison received a higher percentage of the vote than any Democrat ever under Congressional District’s current geographic configuration. The scandal-ridden Fossella is not seeking re-election.

For more information about Steve Harrison visit HarrisonForCongress.com or call 718-745-2539. For more information on NOW visit NOW.org.

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Carpenters Endorse McMahon for Congress

via campaign email;

NYC District Council of Carpenters Adds to Outpouring of Union Support for McMahon, Citing McMahon’s Dedication to Investment in Infrastructure
August 19, 2008 – Michael McMahon's congressional campaign picked up key labor support today from the New York City District Council of Carpenters, which represents over 25,000 tradesmen in the metropolitan area.

Council members are skilled in a broad range of tools and disciplines, including general carpenters, millwrights, dockbuilders, timbermen, cabinetmakers and floorcoverers. Carpenters are essential for building and maintaining the infrastructure New York City runs on, from building the City's skyscrapers and homes, to performing the shoring and sheeting for sewers, telephone lines and subway projects. The Council has committed to aggressive member-to-member outreach, phone banking and door knocking for McMahon.

"Mike McMahon understands the challenges Staten Islanders and Brooklynites face with streets that don't drain, subway trains that are overcrowded, and bridges, roads and communications networks that show their decades of age. Mike will be a strong advocate for the infrastructure investment New York needs to continue its growth, and the District Council of Carpenters is proud to endorse his campaign," said Michael Forde, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Council.

Once in Congress, McMahon is committed to fighting for increased funding for infrastructure to ensure that America's roads, rails, ports, energy and telecommunications networks, and sewer systems are able to support sustained economic growth, growing populations, and current standards of health and living. While federal funding for infrastructure has plummeted, the country's infrastructure has been pushed to the breaking point, as evidenced in the steam pipe burst in Manhattan, the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and the levee failure during Katrina.

Specifically, McMahon has pledged to push for funding for the North Shore light rail on Staten Island, improvements for sewer systems, and funding for upgrades for the overtaxed and outdated mass transit system in southern Brooklyn. He has also committed to championing the Cross-Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel connecting New Jersey and Bay Ridge, to create the first direct connection for freight to travel to New York City via rail. The tunnel would decrease traffic on Staten Island by 13%, in Brooklyn by 7%, create thousands of permanent jobs as well as temporary construction work, and reinvigorate Brooklyn’s ports.

"New York City has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the last decade, but too many families on Staten Island and in Southern Brooklyn have been left out of the progress, stuck with antiquated mass transit, poor storm drains and potfill studded roads. Families in this district need a strong voice for growth in Washington, and I promise to fight for the needs of Staten Islanders and Brooklynites as I have on the City Council for the past seven years," said McMahon.

There are 92,000 union households in the 13th District, making the support of working men and women a critical component of any successful campaign.

The McMahon campaign continues to gain momentum, having recently picked up other key labor endorsements from the New York State AFL–CIO, the United Federation of Teachers, 1199 SEIU Healthcare East, UFCW, RWDSU, UNITE HERE, CWA, CSA, CSEA, the Hotel and Motel Trades Council, the Public Employees Federation and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. McMahon has also received endorsements from elected leaders including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, former Mayor Ed Koch, and members of the New York City Congressional Delegation.

Yesterday, the New York Times endorsed McMahon in the Democratic Primary, citing his “deep understanding of transportation and infrastructure issues” and “strong commitment to mass transportation”.

Last month McMahon earned a spot on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's vaunted "Red to Blue" program, signaling that the campaign is a top national priority for the Democratic Party. He was the only candidate from downstate New York included in the program. The "Red to Blue" program was a proven success in the 2006 cycle, raising nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns. It highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country and offers them financial, communications and strategic support.

The Democratic Primary will be on September 9th, and the General Election will be held on November 4th.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

McMahon picks up NYTimes endorsement

The Albany Project covered this first, so hat tip to them. Here is an excerpt from the NY Times article followed by a portion of McMahon's press release;

When New York voters go to the polls on primary day, Sept. 9, one of the most compelling races will be a hard-fought Democratic Congressional contest in Staten Island and part of Brooklyn.


Mr. McMahon also has a deep understanding of transportation and infrastructure issues, including a strong commitment to mass transportation. He would be a valuable advocate on these fronts in Washington.

As the only Democrat in the Council from Staten Island, Mr. McMahon has proved adept at reaching out to moderates and conservatives. That broad appeal would be an advantage in representing this conservative- leaning district, which gave 55 percent of its votes to President Bush in 2004. Mr. McMahon wins our endorsement in the Democratic primary.

McMahon press release:

The McMahon campaign continues to gain momentum, having recently picked up key labor endorsements from the New York State AFL–CIO, the United Federation of Teachers, 1199 SEIU Healthcare East, UFCW, RWDSU, UNITE HERE, the Hotel and Motel Trades Council, CWA, CSA, CSEA, the Public Employees Federation and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. McMahon has also received endorsements from elected leaders including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, former Mayor Ed Koch, and members of the New York City Congressional Delegation.

Last month McMahon earned a spot on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's vaunted "Red to Blue" program, signaling that the campaign is a top national priority for the Democratic Party. He was the only candidate from downstate New York included in the program. The "Red to Blue" program was a proven success in the 2006 cycle, raising nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns. It highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country and offers them financial, communications and strategic support.

The Democratic Primary will be on September 9th, and the General Election will be held on November 4th.

note: The McMahon press release contains the full NY Times article which I can not republish in full due to copyright restrictions.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bob from Manhattan avoiding campaign issues

I am not a big fan of Bob Straniere's web presence. It is laughable that he is the presumptive front runner for a major political party, in a seat his party under other conditions should hold on to, and yet he struggles to put together a campaign website, any organized internet outreach (facebook, youtube, etc.) or email efforts. Straniere has redesigned his campaign site only a few weeks after its launch, yet he left off one crucial detail. Issues. Straniere's site does not has any campaign issues listed or policy position on;

* Iraq
* health care
* gas prices/energy
* education
* over development
* waste management
* transportation
* sub prime mortgage issues

I can go on but the point is obvious. If you go back and look at the old design you see he actually removed a "The Issues" link this time around. The only attempt at outlining any policy issues or a campaign platform is this one sentence;

My goal will be to reduce the tax burden on our families, reduce the regulatory burden on our businesses and protect our most vulnerable citizens: our seniors and our children.

There is no explanation about how he will reduce the tax burden on our families. There is no plan for protecting our seniors or children. I must hand it to Vito Fossella, at least he had a position on these issues, and though he avoided talking about them we for the most part knew where he stood. Compare that to Straniere who it appears is running solely on the fact that he is a Republican and this seat should stay in the hands of a Republican, why it should stay that way though seems beyond him. The Straniere platform;

Please help us keep the only Republican Congressional seat in New York City by supporting our campaign today.


My "bias"

In the post directly below this an anonymous commenter left a comment raising a few questions relating to my perceived bias in the primary. I think it is important to be clear about my intentions with this blog. You can read the comment here;

Do you even pretend to be unbiased? In the past week alone the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, the Civil Service Employees Association and the Communications Workers of America endorsed McMahon yet you don't mention it. The League of Conservation Voters endorse McMahon but you don't mention it. McMahon calls for a light rail to help commuters but you don't mention it.

You do, however, misrepresent what McMahon says about off-shore drilling. You neglect to mention about stopping oil company subsidies and $1,000 rebates.

If you really target retaking NY-13 then you should be unbiased. If you are only going to talk about Harrison then change your website name.

For those of you who are semi regular readers of this blog you will recall that I routinely invite both the Harrison and McMahon campaigns to share press releases, fundraiser announcements and any other campaign news. Up until today I have not had ANY communication with the McMahon campaign. Until recently the only contact information for him was his Council office which can not be involved with his congressional race which complicates my ability to communicate with him or his campaign staff. This morning for the first time I received an official email from the McMahon campaign with his first newsletter, which I will try to post later. In comparison Harrison's outreach is much more active. I receive more press releases from Steve's campaign than I end up posting mostly out of concern of appearing biased. There are a lot of judgment calls in what is news worthy, typically any club endorsements with a press release makes the cut as long as it is current news. So to the reader who left those comments I welcome you to share McMahon campaign news with me, as always my email is on the right hand side of this page (it has always been there).

This blog has had as its purpose defeating Vito Fossella first and foremost, and that objective has now changed to electing either of our Democratic candidates. And no I am not going to change the name of the blog because of a complaint from an anonymous commenter.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

People with Disabilities’ Democratic club endorses Steve Harrison for Congress

via press release;

504 Democratic Club endorses Democrat Steve Harrison in the NY 13th Congressional District primary

Sunday August 16 Press Conference

(Staten Island/Brooklyn/Manhattan) The 504 Democratic Club, the oldest Democratic Club in the Country focusing on disability rights has endorsed Steve Harrison in the September 9 NY 13th Congressional District (Staten Island/Southwest Brooklyn) Democratic primary. The club, named after section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibited discrimination against People with Disabilities, will endorse Harrison and other NY area candidates in a 2pm August 17 Press Conference at the Steps of City Hall in Manhattan.

“The 504 Dems represent a constituency whose needs aren’t currently being taken care of by the government,” said Harrison. “In Congress I will fight to guarantee the no person with a disability is ever discriminated against.”

504 President Edith Prentiss concurs. “Steve Harrison brings a fresh perspective on disability and needed Federal legislation. We believe he will add a new and welcome voice to the NY delegation and its progressive agenda.”

In 2006 against incumbent Vito Fossella, Harrison received a higher percentage of the vote than any Democrat ever under the Congressional District’s current configuration. The scandal ridden Fossella is not seeking re-election. Harrison faces Councilman Michael McMahon in the August 9 primary.

For more information about Steve Harrison visit harrisonorcongress.com. For more about the 504 Democratic club visit the504democraticclub.org.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Staten Island GOP the measure for the party nationally

That is good news! via the NYTimes;

“The exclamation point on this year’s Congressional elections is that Republicans don’t have a competitive candidate on Staten Island,” Mr. Wasserman said. “The Staten Island Republican Party has been renowned for producing powerful politicians for years — for decades.”

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bob from Manhattan does internet stuff

Hey look Robert Straniere has a facebook group! He has 13 friends, 3 of which are family. With that he pulls ahead of Wyne's 2 friends. Bob who has all the internet knowledge of John McCain is using his facebook group to link supporters and voters not to his campaign site, but back to some incorrect facebook page, which redirects you to your own home facebook page. No pressure though Bob, we get it, the internet is not your thing.


Bob from Manhattan's ethics problems

via the NYTimes we get this great statement from June O'Neill, who regardless of if Bob has heard of her hits him pretty hard on issues that have plagued Fossella;

In a blistering statement on Thursday, June O’Neill, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, questioned Mr. Straniere’s leadership ability “in light of accusations that he lied to employers, stole from his clients and business partners and used company money for personal expenses.”

Specifically, Ms. O’Neill referred to a suit in 1982 against Mr. Straniere from his former law partner. The partner accused the former Assemblyman of using nearly $40,000 in the law firm’s money to pay of personal debts, including country club dues, New York Jets season tickers and other expenses.

“It is impossible to believe that Mr. Straniere, whose behavior has led him to be fired from numerous positions, is qualified to serve as a member of the United States Congress,” Ms. O’Neill said, in a statement. “New Yorkers in the 13th district deserve a leader with more integrity someone they can trust to stand up for them.”

Remember Monilari has already called out Bob Straniere for his ethical lapses;

"Two words that strike me: Ethics and morality," said Molinari. "There have been so many questions raised about ethics in government over the last few months, the last thing we could have expected is to see someone put up for office with serious ethical concerns. That's mystifying."

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Harrison's Town Hall

I have been traveling for the past several days and wasn't able to cover the Town Hall event Harrison held the other night, my apologies

The Observer has a write up about Harrison's town hall event he held last night. You can read the comments of the online town hall at Harrison's website.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brooklyn Democrats for Change endorse Harrison

via a Brooklyn Democrats for Change email;

At our general meeting on August 7, we endorsed Steve Harrison in the race to be Democratic Nominee in the 13th Congressional District.

Brooklyn Democrats for Change had previously not endorsed a candidate back in the spring when the race was between Harrison and Recchia. The club is actively encouraging members to support Harrison in campaign efforts.


Monday, August 11, 2008

ACT NOW voter registration drive, August 16th

ACT NOW who already held a Staten Island voter registration drive on August 2 is stepping up for another voter registration effort to help flip this seat. I don't see what neighborhoods they are going into but from their explanation it looks like they are venturing deeper than the Democratic North Shore, which is great news for us;

Meet promptly at 9:45 AM in front of the news stand located up the main escalator, past security and on the right hand side of the hall. If you have a clipboard please bring it - if you don’t, we will have some extras. If you’d prefer to meet us in Staten Island just let us know in the comments section. We will be back in Manhattan by 4PM, but if you need to leave earlier, that’s no problem.

The ferry ride is free, but you will need a Metrocard with two rides for the bus we’ll be taking to/from the canvassing turf.

To RSVP and get more details visit their sign up page. Again this is a non candidate specific effort, so regardless of whom you support in the primary you can come out and register new voters that will help us win this seat in November.

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WNYC on the Democratic primary

via WNYC, 93.9FM;


Online Town Hall Tonight!

(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

Join us tonight at 8pm at SteveHarrisonforCongress.com for an Online Town Hall.

Hope to see you there!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cook Political Report upgrades race

Cook Political Report has upgraded this race from Leans Dem to Likely Dem.


Sen. Clinton endorses McMahon

via the NYTimes;

“Mike McMahon has a proven record of building bridges, and bringing people together to solve tough problems,” Senator Clinton said in a statement. “He has never been afraid to make hard choices, and his experience is exactly what we need to help bring change to Congress.”

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1199 SEIU endorses McMahon

via the Advance;

Local 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East have endorsed City Councilman Michael McMahon (D-North Shore) in his bid for Congress.

The union praised McMahon for securing increased funding for Richmond University Medical Center and Staten Island University Medical Center, and for helping to bring a federally qualified health care clinic to the Island. The group also lauded McMahon for his efforts to ensure that all schools have nurses.

"The health-care workers of 1199 are proud to endorse Michael McMahon for Congress," said group president George Gresham. "His record of protecting access to health care and expanding funding for hospitals demonstrate his commitment to making progressive health care reform a reality."

and stuff like this always gets me excited;

The union members have pledged to "aggressively mobilize" on McMahon's behalf by doing direct mail and phone-banking, and by going door-to-door to its thousands of members in the district.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bob from Manhattan talks offshore drilling

No clue if anyone listened and or cared but Bob Straniere announced his 'plan' for our energy crisis;

GOP congressional candidate Robert Straniere yesterday called upon Democrats to return to Washington, D.C., to solve the nation's energy woes, and offered his own plan for energy independence, including deep-water exploration for oil and natural gas.

For the record the House had a vote last week to open the strategic oil reserves and Fossella voted against the measure. Bob from Manhattan said nothing about that. Instead he pushed the Republican meme, boo on Democrats for recessing for the summer as planned.

Straniere said he supports "a comprehensive energy approach," including deep-water exploration, tax incentives for energy efficiency, relaxed production regulations and stepped-up development of alternative energy sources.

"America must use every means at its disposal to increase the supply of the oil and gas we use today and to create the energy sources for tomorrow," said Straniere.

Why doesn't he just come out and say "we should find more oil!" Straniere manages to say a whole lot without saying a whole lot. He calls offshore drilling "deep-water exploration." This "exploration", not actually finding mind you, just exploring, is suppose to magically ease our energy crisis now? This is exactly why we should not give into these word games and cave on offshore drilling. It is not a solution to our immediate problems. Call out Bob for his hypocrisy and extremely lacking "plan." And "campaign" while you are at it.

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DFNYC Linkup (a.k.a. "Meetup") in Staten Island, Wed. Aug. 6th

via DFNYC email;

Join us for Democracy for NYC Linkups on Wednesday, August 6th at several venues in NYC, including Staten Island at the Muddy Cup at 388 Van Duzer Street, from 7-8:30pm.

Agenda: We will be discussing the latest Obama events in New York city, and a proposal by NRDC to address the issue of businesses that keep their doors open with the air conditioning on during New York City's hot summer days. We want to know your opinion on this issue! We'll also have an update on legislation relating to natural gas drilling, Clean Money in the City Council, and a hate crime in Astoria.

If you are in Staten Island, join hosts Al Dykes and me Tracey Denton at 7pm at Muddy Cup, 388 Van Duzer Street.

For other Linkup venues and hosts, visit: http://dfnyc.org/content/view/2283/1/


Mr. McMahon you are wrong on drilling

I feel the need to preface this, as I do most things when I venture into criticism, by saying I am neutral in this primary race and focusing my efforts on first removing Fossella (almost done!) and second electing a Democrat to this seat (becoming more realistic daily). That said Mr. McMahon I find your reported stance on our energy crisis, notably on the issue of drilling to be horribly wrong and out of line with our party. Not to mention our country's needs. Via the Times (as painful as it is to link to this bad article);

The councilman favors nearly all means of addressing the nation’s energy problems, including offshore drilling, something Mr. Harrison opposes.

Across the political landscape Republicans are latching onto anything to buoy their chances of survival and have found this "offshore drilling" framing of our energy crisis successful. This is not something to embrace. This is a change year, a year where Republicans are trying to align themselves with Democratic policy and leaders to survive, not a year where we need to align with Republican policy to win.

Let's make this clearer. President Bush supports offshore drilling;

On Wednesday morning President George W. Bush urged Congress to overturn a 26-year ban on offshore oil drilling in the U.S. ...

Read the whole piece, especially the parts that say if we opened all possible areas to drilling at best we "would trim the price of gas by 3.5 cents a gallon by 2027." Again let me point out you are siding with President Bush. Not convincing? Here is John McCain on offshore drilling;

John McCain Will Commit Our Country To Expanding Domestic Oil Exploration. The current federal moratorium on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf stands in the way of energy exploration and production.

Not enough? John McCain is running ads trying to claim Obama is tied to high gas prices because he opposes off shore drilling. Obama don't forget is the guy at the top of the ballot for us this November. Obama is going to drive north shore voters to the polls in numbers we have never seen and considering this is your council district that is amazing.

It is not just that you are taking a Republican position on this issue that I find fault with, it is that there is plenty of room on the other side of the debate for us to stand and offer real solutions. Solutions that are good for our environment, that create jobs and actually address the long term problem instead of trying to just grab headlines today. As someone who is garnering strong union support maybe I can sway you with news that the Teamsters are rejecting drilling as a solution;

“We are not going to drill our way out of the energy problems we are facing—not here and not in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” Hoffa told labor and environmental activists at an Oakland, Calif., summit on good jobs and clean air. “We must find a long-term approach that breaks our dependence on foreign oil by investing in the development of alternate energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal power.”


“Our economy is in shambles. Gas is climbing to $5 a gallon. The dollar has collapsed. Inflation is on the rise. Americans are seeing their paychecks shrink. Their family health care is being slashed,” Hoffa said. “Finding a long-term solution has a tremendous upside. It will be environmentally friendly and will serve as a much-needed boost to our sagging economy.”

We are all struggling with fuel costs. I understand that. We all understand that. Well Bush doesn't (why again are you agreeing with him?). So instead of just disagreeing with this policy stance let me offer some suggestions. Last week Congress voted on H. Res. 6578, allowing the release of 70 million barrels of oil from the strategic oil reserve. Unlike drilling which would take years before the first drop of oil would be removed from the ground to be processed, this bill would inject oil into our system within days immediately easing costs. The bill garnered 268 votes, an overwhelming majority, but failed on a procedural issue requiring a veto proof majority. Rep. Fossella, the guy you are hoping to replace, voted against that bill. He voted against immediate fuel cost relief. He voted against helping those struggling with costs. Come out forcefully in support of it and call on Straniere to reject Fossella's failure to help your constituents. My point is this, be a Democratic candidate and offer policy solutions. Do not come out siding with Republican tactics that prevent legislation from passing, that attack our presidential presumptive nominee, that do very little to help consumers and instead add only to egregious pricing and revenues of oil companies.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

How not to run a campaign: Straniere on fund raising

Three weeks after officially becoming no the Republican endorsed candidate to replace Fossella, Bob Straniere (R-Manhattan) is holding his first fundraiser (what?);

GOP congressional candidate Bob Straniere will hold a kickoff fund-raiser tomorrow from 7 to 9 p.m. in Lorenzo's Lounge at the Hilton Garden Inn, Bloomfield. Contribution is $250 per person.

Straniere's campaign it seems is pacing itself. They don't want to over burden their website people so they are not listing the event on their site. Then again they apparently don't want to burden them with "issues" and "policy" either.


Fossella's recent legislative votes

Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 1338, Roll #556)
Vote Passed (247-178, 9 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill to increase penalties for pay discrimination and protect employees who share salary information.

Rep. Vito Fossella voted NO

h/t to MegaVote, by AAUW

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On the Issues: Congestion Pricing

(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

Remember Congestion Pricing? Guess what. It's back.

From yesterday's NY Times:

The financial crisis at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is breathing new life into an idea the Legislature rejected just months ago: congestion pricing.

Steve Harrison has strongly opposed Congestion Pricing from the beginning.

The plan is being positioned as a "Mercedes Tax", charging limo driven CEOs who whisk past working class commuters riding overcrowded buses and trains. In reality, congestion pricing won't discourage the rich from driving in. However, it will heavily penalize workers with inadequate public transit options.

But it's not only Steve Harrison who has been opposed to Congestion Pricing - it's also 74% of Staten Islanders.

With the MTA once again looking at Congestion Pricing, Harrison is still the only Democratic candidate for Congress who is against Congestion Pricing.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Video: Harrison on NY1

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DFNYC phone banking for Harrison

via DFNYC email;

Steve Harrison is a progressive Democrat running for Congress in NY's 13th Congressional District, formerly held by Republican Vito Fossella. (Fossella resigned after a drunk driving arrest which lead to the discovery of an extra-marital affair and child with another woman.)

Democracy for NYC has endorsed Steve Harrison and DFNYCer David Hernandez is working with Harrison's campaign. The following volunteer phone banks have been set up in Staten Island and Brooklyn:

Staten Island Phone Bank
1738 Victory Blvd./ Manor Road
12-9pm Mon- Sat.
Contact Al Dykes or David Hernandez, 718 720 8683

Brooklyn Phone Bank
544 Bay Ridge Pkwy/ Bet. 5&6 Avenue
Contact Greg Collett to rsvp and for specific hours, 718 745 2539

If you are hearing this from me first chances are because you have yet to join DFNYC's email list. Go do it. They are a great organization and will be active all fall in races up and down the ballot.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

What happened to our debates?

Independence Party nominee Carmine Morano has issued this challenge to all of our candidates;

I am proposing that, beginning August 15th, we hold a series of weekly debates and candidate forums from now until the September 9th Primary, and again from that time until Election Day, with all of the candidates who have qualified for the ballot.

It is intriguing. Morano has some massive odds stacked against him and any publicity and media coverage can only help his candidacy. "Harrison had already challenged McMahon to a series of five debates back in June, to which McMahon had no reply as he was setting up his campaign and collecting ballot petitions. McMahon did though make this statement;

"We look forward to scheduling debates with all the candidates," said McMahon campaign spokesman Patrick Brennan. "Right now, Councilman McMahon is focused on adopting a city budget that addresses the needs of his constituents and all New Yorkers."

Once candidates file their nominating petitions, Brennan said, "We will meet with the various campaigns and put in place a debate plan."

So where are the debates? We are six weeks out from the primary election and if it weren't for Morano's challenge I probably would have forgot about the above statement. Debates definitely will favor the challengers and those who are not front runners. We saw that with the Harrison vs. Fossella debates in 2006. Everyone but McMahon would almost certainly gain something from them. Straniere could beg Republicans to stop hating him, Morano and Wyne could tell Republicans and Conservatives they don't have to vote for Straniere, and Harrison could show off his debating skills and provide an alternative to all three. Would McMahon want to jump into that and would it help his campaign? If he is staying low and hoping his momentum and name recognition will carry him through the primary then I would have to venture that he would want to not get involved in a set up like this. Why submit yourself to prodding by Republicans when you still have to face off in a Democratic primary? Why debate partisan issues when you are defining yourself compared to someone within your party. My advice is that Harrison should embrace Morano's challenge and debate as often as possible and McMahon should hit the streets and knock on doors in Brooklyn and mid island and agree to one or two debate appearances close to primary day.

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Straniere gets endorsed by Shotgun Randy Kuhl

Rep. Kuhl from upstate New York, who infamously pulled a shotgun on his ex-wife, has endorsed Bob Straniere. This is beneficial to him somehow. In related news we have a tremendous Democratic candidate running against Rep. Kuhl, etired Navy Commander Eric Massa. It would be great to see Harrison and McMahon offering support to Massa. Let's send some new people to DC to replace those who have mistreated their wives.

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(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

On one of my first entries at the NY13 blog, I responded to a reader's question regarding the SILive forums and I noted how the Harrison campaign does not tell its supporters what to do or say.

When it comes to the McMahon camp, I'm not sure if I can say the same.

Two days ago, a post by a McMahon supporter hinged on hateful rhetoric and brushed aside the recent homicides on the North Shore.

McMahon and his supporters should know better - it's his district, after all.

We must come together as a community and do something about the guns and violence in neighborhoods across the Island.

Watch the video below and look at the faces of the young children who have hopes and dreams for their future.

If we promise families that we will work to make their communities safer, then we must keep our promise and stand by them.

The "Walk of Remembrance" was meant to symbolize a strong community united in fighting for a better life for themselves and a brighter future for their children.

Steve Harrison stood shoulder to shoulder with the men and women who believed this.

Unfortunately, McMahon thought other things were more important on that day than serving the people of his district.